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Operation: Wife Chop is complete!

27 Apr

Lost about 8 inches. I LOVE IT!


Flying With Mittens

23 Apr

So now that I am technically back in the US I can use my blackberry to its full potential. It even makes out going calls now (which it could not do in the Bahamas for some reason.)

Wow typing a post on this takes a Lott of time. Can’t be verbose. Onto the point:

Traveling with a cat on an airplane sucks. A lot of people are against sedating cats on airplanes, including our Bahamian vet so Mittens is very unmedicated right now. She gashed me on the neck at our first security stop and on the flight itself cried most of the way. Security here in Miami was easier but she shook the whole time.

Worst of all people think she’s cute but then after five minutes they want her to shut up. But she won’t. And you know you can’t make a cat do what it doesn’t want to.

I separated us from everyone else and she is a bit quieter now but I will never ever fly with an unsedated cat again.


20 Apr

Chris took this picture the other day.  The bug freaked me out but he took lots of pictures of it.  The bright green color is just beautiful.

Stuff I Love:

19 Apr

MAKE UP FOR EVER (which is supposed to be in all caps) HD Invisible Cover Foundation.

I hate going to Sephora because of how rude their employees are, but I will walk through their doors for this foundation.  It was recommended to me on The Knot for my wedding and I fell in love.  It’s definitely a splurge at $40 for 1.01 oz bottle, but I make it last by only wearing it on special occasions, or when I run out my everyday foundation.

It’s a full coverage foundation so I find I don’t need as much concealer.  It smells a little unfortunate when you put it on, but the smell fades quickly as it dries.  It leaves my face looking and feeling smooth.  Some pressed powder over the top and my face doesn’t look too bad at all.

What’s awesome is that it comes in twenty-six different shades, as opposed to drugstore brands which only come in eight or ten shades at the most.  I’m pretty pale and usually have to buy the lightest shade, but on this one I’m shade #115 – three in from the palest!  Score!

Unfortunately, I can’t afford to experiment with other MAKE UP FOR EVER products, but I am really looking forward to the day I can.

ETA: Like I said, I wore it on my wedding day and here’s how it looked:

Our amazing pictures were taken by Dana Marie Photography

A Tip For All Ross Wives Everywhere

18 Apr

… or any med student’s wife, really.

Make your husband empty the pockets of his scrubs before you wash them, lest you find five and a half pairs of rubber gloves stained with things I can’t even think about when emptying the washer.