Flying With Mittens

23 Apr

So now that I am technically back in the US I can use my blackberry to its full potential. It even makes out going calls now (which it could not do in the Bahamas for some reason.)

Wow typing a post on this takes a Lott of time. Can’t be verbose. Onto the point:

Traveling with a cat on an airplane sucks. A lot of people are against sedating cats on airplanes, including our Bahamian vet so Mittens is very unmedicated right now. She gashed me on the neck at our first security stop and on the flight itself cried most of the way. Security here in Miami was easier but she shook the whole time.

Worst of all people think she’s cute but then after five minutes they want her to shut up. But she won’t. And you know you can’t make a cat do what it doesn’t want to.

I separated us from everyone else and she is a bit quieter now but I will never ever fly with an unsedated cat again.


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