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Yes, Your Lioness

15 Aug

Sephora by OPI: Yes, Your Lioness with Blasted Black

I wanted to try this look out for Halloween but didn’t want to wait that long, especially since we’re headed into fall at work.  I started with three coats of Yes, Your Lioness, which I regrettably did not take a picture of, before I topped that off with a coat of Blasted Black and a topcoat.  The Blasted worked a little better for me this time, but I still don’t like how it makes long lines of crack on me like on my index finger, instead of a more chopped up look like I got on my thumbnail.

Overall though, and in good light especially, it worked out better than last time and I like it!


Don’t Feed The Hand Models

12 Aug

Three coats of Sephora by OPI Don't Feed The Hand Model

Me and mini bottle, haha.  I love this neutral so, so much!  I think it’s such a great shade and it’s perfect for when I go to work and have to demonstrate or give a sample of a product.  Since it’s such a great neutral, it doesn’t clash with any of the designs on the bottles I show customers.

Steady as She Rose by OPI

7 Aug

Steady as She Rose


Two coats.  Wow, my cell phone took a good picture for once!  This was my first OPI purchase I made about a week before the Pirates movie came out and the reason I fell in love with OPI.  That’s the color in the late afternoon sun, I took the picture by my backdoor, but in normal indoor lighting it looks way more purple-y.

And I just found out today my local Kroger is illegally selling OPI.  That makes me sad 😦  So I reported them to OPI’s Diversion peeps 🙂  Take that Kroger!

OK I’m obsessed

1 Aug

… with OPI nail polishes.  I decided if I started buying expensive nail polishes I might be able to kick the habit of biting my nails and it worked.  Of course now I have to keep them polished all the time, which is fine because I’m loving all the fun colors I’ve gotten to try.  I picked up some new Sephora by OPI over the weekend and here’s how that worked out:

Sephora by OPI "Set the Mood"

And then I added some Blasted Black

Sephora by OPI "Blasted Black"

It didn’t come out as blasted as my silver has, maybe I didn’t wait long enough to apply it, but in person it looks pretty good, kinda punk on top of the pink.

PS: Sorry for the picture quality, all I have is the camera on my phone, though I did FINALLY find my missing camera – though of course it has no charge and the charger is still MIA.  Just my luck!