Are you as excited as I am?

24 May

Pizza Casserole – to be modified

12 May

So I found this recipe for Pizza Casserole and it sounded just up my alley since, you know, I’m seven years old at heart.  Here the original recipe that I used tonight:

3 cups rigatoni pasta
1/2 lb ground beef
1/4 cup sliced black olives
1 can (4.5oz) mushroom pieces, drained
1 jar (24-28oz) tomato pasta sauce
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

1.  Heat oven to 350.  Cook and drain pasta.

2.  Meanwhile, cook beef thoroughly and drain.

3.  In 2.5 qt (or in my case 9×13) casserole, mix pasta, beef, olives, mushrooms and sauce.  Cover and bake 30 minutes.  Remove, cover with cheese, and bake uncovered for another 5 minutes.

I had some problems with the recipe, though.  (1) I hate ground beef in most things except tacos.  (2) No pepperoni in a pizza casserole?  (3) Not enough cheese!  I used about 1.5 cups instead of the suggested amount.

So the next time I make this, I’m going to substitute the ground beef for some chopped up pepperoni.  I meant to put some in it tonight, but I forgot.  I bought slices though, and I think that smaller cubes would work better in a casserole.  Also, I made a mistake by buying whole olives instead of slices and no way was I going to slice up those olives, so I just threw them in whole.  Next time I will definitely buy sliced because they will spread out more evenly in the casserole.

But, overall, it was pretty good!  By substituting pepperoni in the future I will eliminate an extra dish to wash and cut down the prep time.

Product Rave: Covergirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation

5 May

So I ran out of foundation last week and I’d been using my really good stuff (MakeUpForEver) to hold me over until I could get out and find some new everyday stuff.  I had a coupon for new CoverGirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation and decided to give it a try.  Let’s face it, I’ll buy anything from Taylor Swift.

First of all, it didn’t smell terrible like my MakeUpForEver foundation.  I love that foundation because it’s amazing coverage, but ou the smell.  Anyway, my new stuff didn’t smell like roses, but it wasn’t pungent at all.  The second thing I noticed was the texture: it was very smooth and not too thick, meaning that when I put it on I didn’t get a pancake look at all.  But, even though it was thin and light, it gave me great coverage.  I think they got it spot on by putting the word “silk” in the name, it feels silky and rich.

Here’s a picture of the foundation on me: In the picture all I’m wearing is a little concealer under my eyes and foundation on my whole face.  Nothing else and it’s been on for about an hour and a half.  Still looking good!  And it covered up the redness on my face pretty well, too.  Sorry, I should have at least thrown on some mascara for y0u guys, lol!

Anyway, all in all I recommend this foundation totally.  I give it four stars out of five.

How to Kill a Bug

21 Apr

There are a lot more bugs down here in Georgia than there are in New York.  Well, that might not be true, but they are different.  Bigger and scarier, to say the least.  I’ve killed two roaches since we moved in.  Those are the worst.  The second worst are these flat, large, tick-like-looking things that may or may not be fuzzy and may or may not have wings that they mostly don’t use.  To be honest, I try not to look at them.  Unfortunately, they like to show up when Chris isn’t around to save me, so I’ve developed a plan of attack that is working so far.

Step 1:  Mittens finds the bug herself or I stick her on it.  She tries to attack it.  I let her smack it around (unless it’s a cockroach, those are too big and she’s afraid of them) until it’s stunned.  She doesn’t try to eat them.

Step 2:  Find this morning’s newspaper still wrapped in its plastic sleeve.  Smack the bug until it gives up its fight for life.

Step 3:  Detach wheels from tiny vacuum, making it essentially a dustbuster.  Suck up bug.  If it’s in a tight spot, use newspaper to move to a more open area and then suck it up.  Let vacuum run for a few minutes to ensure the bug is totally sucked up and won’t fall out when I turn it off.  (Note to self: there are two bugs in dustbuster… it’s Chris’s turn to empty!)

Cockroaches I don’t have to deal with as much (Thank God and knock on wood) but when I do my plan is to smush them under a magazine and leave them for Chris to take care of when he gets home.  Yuck.

Tablet PCs – what’s the point?

29 Mar

Aside from providing yet another dumb, er, unique way to propose to your girlfriend, what is the point of a tablet?  Everyone makes them now, you’ve got the iPad, and Blackberry makes one, and QVC sells cheap looking tablet/eReader hybrids, they’re everywhere and everyone and their sister wants one.  Except ME, because I just don’t get it!

Pretty much anything you can do on your iPad these days you can do on your phone.  My DroidX does so much that it keeps me up at night – I’m throwing cartoon birds and cartoon pigs for a good portion of the night when I should be sleeping so I can get up early and look for a real job.

Cell phones: they have evolved and what is a tablet?  It’s the app function of your cell phone with a bigger screen.  Here’s my prediction – and this is important because it’s the whole point of my post – someday tablet computers are going to get smaller and tout their new ease of portability.  “You can now fit your iPad in your pocket!”  Then they’ll had a phone function to make it that much more cool and what have you got?  The cell phone you already own.

Or, they’ll make the screen a little bigger so you can do more detailed work on it, and they’ll add the worlds slimmest pull out keyboard and advertise it as the next diverse tablet PC.  You can even hook a small mouse into the USB port on the side and you’ve got… the laptop you already own.

“But,” you might be thinking, “There’s an app from my cable company that lets me control the TV!”  Now it’s a $600 version of the remote control you already own.

I mean really.  What’s the point?