How to Kill a Bug

21 Apr

There are a lot more bugs down here in Georgia than there are in New York.  Well, that might not be true, but they are different.  Bigger and scarier, to say the least.  I’ve killed two roaches since we moved in.  Those are the worst.  The second worst are these flat, large, tick-like-looking things that may or may not be fuzzy and may or may not have wings that they mostly don’t use.  To be honest, I try not to look at them.  Unfortunately, they like to show up when Chris isn’t around to save me, so I’ve developed a plan of attack that is working so far.

Step 1:  Mittens finds the bug herself or I stick her on it.  She tries to attack it.  I let her smack it around (unless it’s a cockroach, those are too big and she’s afraid of them) until it’s stunned.  She doesn’t try to eat them.

Step 2:  Find this morning’s newspaper still wrapped in its plastic sleeve.  Smack the bug until it gives up its fight for life.

Step 3:  Detach wheels from tiny vacuum, making it essentially a dustbuster.  Suck up bug.  If it’s in a tight spot, use newspaper to move to a more open area and then suck it up.  Let vacuum run for a few minutes to ensure the bug is totally sucked up and won’t fall out when I turn it off.  (Note to self: there are two bugs in dustbuster… it’s Chris’s turn to empty!)

Cockroaches I don’t have to deal with as much (Thank God and knock on wood) but when I do my plan is to smush them under a magazine and leave them for Chris to take care of when he gets home.  Yuck.


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