27 Mar

I need to rename this blog The Neglected Blog.  My new book blog is much more fun to update and since I read so much I don’t have to search for material to write about.

Anyway, here’s what’s been going on in my life since my last update: started a new job (actually that more than a few weeks ago, but I don’t think I ever mentioned it).  It doesn’t have enough hours and I’m waiting to see if there’s room for moving up.  If not, it might be back to the drawing board because husband’s rotation’s are expensive.

I can’t figure out why this semester seems to be more expensive than semesters past.  Part of it is gas.  One of Chris’s Best Buy shifts paid for his one fill up of his truck the other day.  It’s a bad ratio that’s only going to get worse.  Here’s what gets my goat about rotations: he’s doing a lot of work in these doctor’s office.  He’s seeing, diagnosing, treating, and operating on (!) patients and he’s not getting a dime for his hard work.  Instead, he has to pay the school.  For the next two years.  He won’t see a paycheck until he starts a residency and even that is going to be comparatively small.  Still, that day cannot get here soon enough.

So when people bitch and groan about how doctors are overpaid for doing such little work and I want to smack them.  Someone, I forget who, told me once that doctors shouldn’t be paid so much because really the nurses do all the work.  That’s so not true.  Nurses do great work and I know they work very hard and they deserved to be paid appropriately, but doctors deserve their pay, too.  And with the price of malpractice insurance these days, their take home pay isn’t what you might think it is.  Unless you’re a plastic surgeon in LA you don’t own a fancy vacation home on a private island, know what I mean?

Wow, not where I thought I was heading with this post, but there it is.  Sometimes you just gotta vent to the two people who read your blog.


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