Decatur Diner – a review

23 Feb

First, let me say, I just used Old English cleaner for the first time and I think it’s making my eyes burn.  I mean, I used it and now my eyes burn.  But it was so effective!  Yes, this is what my life has become.  Hopefully life will get a little more interesting when I start my new job on Sunday.

NOW – The Decatur Diner.  We’ve been in town for about six weeks now and last weekend we discovered how awesome “Downtown” Decatur really is.  I think it’s the cutest little downtown I’ve ever seen and we’d driven through it a few times but never stopped.  We ate a Raging Burrito (YUM!) the other night, walked around, and realized there was more around than meets the eye.  We need to explore more!

So I got the call this morning that I’d gotten the job and wanted to celebrate – so we headed off to the Decatur Diner for lunch, which I’ve been wanting to try since I noticed it opened.  According to Urban Spoon it opened on Valentine’s Day and every time I’ve driven past since then it’s been pretty crowded looking.  It also met my criteria for outdoor seating with people watching.

Parking was on the street with a meter (cost us fifty cents) or in a paid lot, which would have been three or five dollars.  I didn’t notice anything that said they validate and I forgot to ask if they did.  Raging Burrito validates for one and a half hours, which is nice.  There was a wait for inside, so we sat outside even though it was a little chilly.  I didn’t see the inside at all so I can’t tell you if the decor or bathrooms are any good.

The menu had enough variety.  The price point was pretty good, too – the two of us ate for $18 before tip.  We each had a Diet Coke, I had the BLT (I’ve been craving one!) and that was $5.50-ish.  Husband had a gyro which was about $9.00.  It was a lunch special and came with a very yummy Greek salad with two massive chunks of feta on it.  I didn’t ask him how his Gyro was, but he ordered the greek potatoes and it came with fries instead.  My BLT left somewhere between a little and a lot to be desired.  The toasted bread actually came burned on one side.  I could taste the burn in my mouth.  Also, it came without mayo.  Who serves a BLT without mayo?  I had to ask for some.  The fries were very delicious, though.  The cole slaw was nice because it didn’t have any pepper in it.

Since they just opened I think the cooks/wait staff are still trying to get up to speed.  All of the wait staff looked flustered and hurried.  We got there quarter after noon and it was already packed.  I think they could stand to have a few more wait staff per shift.  We saw the owner walking around, he was seating people but other than that he didn’t seem to be doing much.  If it was that busy I would expect the owner/manager to be pitching in some more.  We’ll go back in a couple months maybe to see if things have improved, and because Husband wants to try some more of their Greek food.  He’s a bit of a Greek food foodie, I guess.

Overall, it was mediocre… for now.


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