Some Culture in ATL

7 Feb

When we lived in Miami I decided I wanted to see some of the city while we were there because I couldn’t picture myself ever going back for a vacation.  That resulted in our unfortunate trip to an art museum.  I still don’t care if I ever drive through Miami again, though I do miss our favorite restaurant, The Big Cheese.

Lucky for me Atlanta has a lot more awesome stuff to see!  We’ve already been to the World of Coca-Cola, which was awe.some.  There’s a real functioning bottling line and it was really interesting to see how they load bottles, clean them, fill them up, cap them, the whole shebang.  Then at the end of the tour you get your own bottle from the bottling line!  There is also a section where you can taste cokes from all over the world.  There were over 60 of them the day we were there, and true to my husband’s word, he tried every single one.  And didn’t throw up after!  Some were delicious, but some were gawdawful, like one of the bitter ones from England.  Blechh!

This past weekend we went to the aquarium on Friday because after three p.m. college students get in half price.  Chris used his med school ID and I used my old UB ID because the picture still looks like me and it doesn’t have any kind of date on it.  Score!  We saw all kinds of good stuff, including penguins, who I just wanted to pick up and squeeze, and sharks and whales and everything in between.

Saturday, because it was the first weekend of the month and Bank of America card holders get in free, we went to the High Museum of Art here, and boy was that a nice change from the one in Miami!  It had REAL art, including Chris’s favorite, Monet.  They have an exhibit going on right now featuring the art of Toulouse-Lautrec, which I loved.  I used to have several posters of his hanging in my various dorm rooms in college, and it was great to see the full-sized version of my favorite.

We haven’t done the history museum yet, but I can’t wait.  I think that ones going to take a full day because it sits on 30 acres or something.  There’s still a lot to see in Atlanta and so far I’m loving our Saturdays of sight-seeing!


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