Is there anything better than Maple Syrup?

7 Feb

My husband is something of a maple syrup connoisseur.  He knows what all the grades mean and he absolutely won’t eat the syrup you find at place like IHOP.  He will bring his own bottle if he has to because unless it’s real, he won’t eat it.  And I think he’s on to something because there isn’t much better than real, fresh from the farm, maple syrup.  Ever have maple syrup soft serve?  I have, at the Erie County Fair last year.  I think it might have actually been the best thing I ever ate.

Why all the fuss about Maple Syrup?  Because one of my best bloggy friends is having a give away on her blog… and the winner gets a bottle of her husband’s maple syrup.  Husband and I have been wanting to try her husband’s syrup (ok, that didn’t sound right) for along time and I was a little sad that I didn’t end up being her secret santa because they got syrup.  Anyway, here’s my chance!  If you want to try and win, you can enter here.  And while you’re there, read the blog.  It’s chock full of good stuff, including some yummy recipes that I’ve tried myself.


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