State of the RossWife

3 Feb

Yesterday was groundhog day and in the midst of a huge winter storm that covered 2500 miles of the US, Puxatony Phil predict an early Spring because he didn’t see his shadow.  I fear the poor thing has gone blind.

In the meantime, January is over and that means 2011 (read “twenty-eleven” not “two thousand eleven”) is in full swing, as are husband’s clinicals.  He’s in the middle of his family medicine rotation and he brought me home a gift: some sort of illness.  I’ve been feeling sick for most of the week now, but it doesn’t seem like there’s much I can do about it.  A sort of runny, tiny bit stuffy nose, slightly congested sinuses, stomach aches frequently, no fever, a bit of a cough… what is that?   It’s like a half a cold that I can’t do anything about because it feels too mild to take meds.  But it’s enough to keep me inside on the couch.

Thankfully, our new couch was finally delivered yesterday and aside from that nasty new sofa smells, it’s pretty awesome.  I’m heading over there now…



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