WIJFR: nightlight: a parody

28 Jan

The Harvard Lampoon
154 pages

I saw this at Barnes & Noble over the Christmas season and knew right away I had to read it, but I was a good girl and instead of shelling out the fourteen bucks for it, I waited for a copy to become available on PaperBackSwap.  It arrived a few days ago and I read it right away (how unusual for me!).

I started reading around 11pm and by page six I was laughing so hard I was crying.  Being that I had just eaten some Cheerios, thus milk, thus dairy, thus had an increase in phlegm, I was also coughing which led to some choking.  Whew.  Is there anything better than laughing so hard you might actually die?

Husband came to bed and I had to put the book aside, he was complaining my laughing was shaking the bed too much for him to sleep.  So I waited until yesterday to finish it.

What we’ve got here, obviously, is a spoof of Twilight.  But it doesn’t matter if you’re the most obsessed fan girl or you loathe the series.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you think Stephanie Meyer is a good writer or not.  It’s a spoof and it’s going to be funny no matter what your opinion is of the Twilight Saga.

It’s classic college humor – lots of randomness with some beloved cultural references thrown in.  You’ve got to like that kind of humor to like the book.  An example:

” ‘You’ve grown so big – I didn’t recognize you without your umbilical cord, I suppose.’  Had it really been that long?  Had I really not seen my dad since I was thirteen and going through my pet umbilical cord phase?  I realized we had a lot of catching up to do.” p.6

Basically, I laughed throughout the whole thing and I will not be reposting this to PBS.  Aside from the fact that it came unpostable, I like it so much that it’s staying right on my own shelf.


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