RossWife’s Cell Phone Timeline. AKA: Decisions, decisions.

20 Jan

I’m up for a new cell phone in mid-February, which is always exciting.  It will be my fifth cell phone.  The first one I got in high school was for emergencies only.  I had a neon blue case for it and at the time I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

I still pine for that phone a little bit.  After that one I had a generic silver Samsung flip phone, which became the new coolest thing ever because it had a color screen on the inside and the outside.

It looked like this but was Verizon, not T-Mobile.


That’s the phone I took with me to college my Freshman year and I wore it down until the antenna snapped off.  It was a relief when it was time to upgrade again and I got the first generation LG enV.

Obviously, that phone was cooler than the last because  it had a full keyboard.  Time to upgrade again, about a year and a half ago, and I got the first generation Blackberry Storm.

I’ve replaced it once because it shorted out.  It fell into the trash can and Chris accidentally dumped a lot of contact lens solution on top of it, but I had the replacement plan and was able to get a new one; same phone but with upgraded software.  That was pretty awesome.

It’s pretty interesting to see how much technology has advanced in cell phones in the last eight years and how each new cell phone I got was better than the last.  It’s always hard to hold the latest technology in your hand and know that in two years when you upgrade again what you’re holding will be obsolete and something even better will be out there.  I can’t even begin to fathom what could be better than some of the phones they have out there now.

So the time has come again for a new cell phone.  Verizon has pretty good timing because the iPhone is being released about a week before I get to upgrade.  Two years ago I wanted an iPhone pretty bad, but no way was I going to switch to AT&T.  I would have left the family plan, which saves me a lot of money, and I would have been switching to a crummier network.  So naturally I was excited for Verizon to finally, after much speculation for about a year, announce that it’s getting the iPhone on February 10th.  Woot!

It's the iPhone. Duh.

But it’s making my decision harder.  Before I knew the iPhone was coming the plan was to get some sort of phone with Android technology.  The smart, logical part of me still thinks it would be better to get a Droid.  The technology is better and, having played with my husband’s, I know how good it feels and how fast the Internet works, and how many good apps there are for it.

The Droid X I'm also considering. Plus, how cute is that little robot Android guy?

On the other hand, there’s the iPhone.  The iPhone.  It’s pretty iconic and I’ve been wanting one for a long time.  I can put my music on there because I have a Mac and it will be easier to get my iTunes music onto that phone than onto a Droid.  And there’s a Pogo App for iPhone that Droid doesn’t have.  You might not know this, but I’m a addict.  Anyway, that’s pretty much what it has going for it.

On the other, other hand, the tech specs are better for the Droid phone I’m considering.  It’s got more gigs for the same price.  It’s 3G.  I don’t know for sure if the iPhone is 3G.  I obviously tried looking it up on Verizon’s website, but I read in one spot that it was not 3G, but rather a step below, and in another spot I read that it is 3G.  Thanks for the ambiguity, Verizon.

Ultimately, I know I have to go to the store and play with both to decide.  My brain says Droid, my heart says iPhone.  I’ve been changing my mind a couple times a day, so I can’t even say which one I’m leaning towards.  I’ll let you know in February when the big day gets here.


3 Responses to “RossWife’s Cell Phone Timeline. AKA: Decisions, decisions.”

  1. BB January 20, 2011 at 9:08 pm #

    since the old generation iphone’s are 3g & 3gs, would that make the verizon version 3g also? keep in mind that the verizon network doesn’t support voice & data, and for me that would be a big deal. i use voice & data concurrently on my iphone daily, so not having that feature is a big deal and is one of the novelties of the iphone itself.

    • rosswife January 21, 2011 at 2:13 pm #

      I’ve never used voice and data concurrently and I don’t really see myself doing that because I used the voice part so rarely, so I don’t need to worry about that.

  2. Alise January 21, 2011 at 9:15 am #

    ughh I’m having this same inner debate. I’m up for a new verizon phone in June, and I’ve been dying for an iphone..but a droid makes more sense.

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