No, I didn’t break my resolution.

17 Jan

Remember that time I resolved to update the blog more often?  That was eleven days ago…

But in my defense we were moving.  To Atlanta.  In the aftermath of their ice storm.  Their solution to making roads passible was to wait for a warm up, which took a week.  We stayed an extra night in a hotel, but now we’re moved in and trying to get settled.  I think I’m about half unpacked right now because I’ve been putting off unpacking clothes.  That’s the worst part.  There’s something about putting away clothes that repels me.  When they come out of the dryer, I’m ashamed to admit, they usually sit in the basket for a couple days before the dirty laundry pile on floor gets so big I need to empty the basket of the clean clothes just so I have somewhere to put the dirty ones.

The apartment is pretty neat and I promise pictures when I’m done unpacking finally.  We put together our new Ikea kitchen table and chairs today and ate lunch at it.  It was adorable.  The apartment is a bit small, but nice.  There’s a fireplace with a mantle I can decorate, a dishwasher and I have my own washer/dryer so I don’t have to use community laundry.  Sweet.

The only downside:  The neighbors on the other side of our apartment who think it’s okay to play loud music starting at 11:20pm through about 1am.  This is the second night in a row this has been going on.  I’m eagerly awaiting the office reopening Tuesday after the MLK holiday so I can file an official complaint.  The manager here told us: three noise complaints and you’re out.

Ok, 10% battery on the laptop means I must go.  Hopefully the updates will come more smoothly from now on.


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