New Year’s Resolutions

5 Jan

Sure, I made one in my post two days ago, but overall… what’s the point of New Year’s Resolutions?  Most of the ones people make are such huge changes that they’re just setting themselves up for failure, and by the first of February all resolutions are long forgotten anyway.

“I’m going to lose weight, I’m going to quit heroin, I’m going to spend less money, I’m going to donate more time to charity, I’m going to… blah blah blah.”  That’s all nice, but resolutions don’t really mean much unless you completely follow through and quite frankly, I’ve never met anyone who has followed through on these types of resolutions.  (This is the part where I get angry comments from readers about how they followed through on a resolution once.  Good for you.)

Props, though, for recognizing your life needs a change.  For example, if you’re resolving to lose weight you’re recognizing you need a healthier lifestyle.  The first step is recognizing you have a problem!  But with this, and all resolutions, if you want to make it happen, you need to break it down.  Saying you’re going to lose weight this year isn’t going to get you far.  You need to break it down into smaller, more attainable goals.  Skip the fries and go for a side salad, cut out soda from your diet, take a walk on your lunch break, keep track of what you eat, etc..

But I don’t mean post your every meal on Facebook.  Publicizing your progress to that extent is a little much.

And really, if you have a lifestyle problem or goal big enough to make a resolution about it, why wait until New Year’s Day?  Every day is a good day to make better life choices.

Another thing I don’t get – asking everyone (I see it on Facebook) what their New Year’s resolutions are.  If you have made one of these huge resolutions and you tell the world, won’t you feel embarrassed if (when – insert more angry comments here) you fail?

How about something small; a good resolution for everybody?  Take a deep breath, smile, forget about what you don’t have and try to appreciate what you DO have.

But my original resolution still stands: blog more and post more recipes.  And maybe also do some more smiling and appreciating.


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