Back from Hiatus

3 Jan

Here’s some highlights of what happened since last I wrote:

  • We found out from Ross that we’re moving to Decatur outside of Atlanta instead of Janesville, Wisconsin.  There was MUCH rejoicing.  Georgia should be warmer.  And I’m sick of the cold.  We leave January 1oth.  Only three shifts left at work.
  • December was an INSANE time at work, much more so than last year.  That’s part of the reason for lack of updates.  Things have since calmed down significantly and for the better.
  • We found an apartment, right across the street from the medical center.  It’s on the top level (no noisy people upstairs!), has twelve foot ceilings, a fireplace, a dishwasher and we can rent a washer/dryer to go in it.  I don’t have to leave to do laundry!  Score!
  • We found this cute table to get for it.  It’s going to be great because it collapses to save space, which will make it easier to move it in the future.
  • Christmas came and went, had a good time with both sides of the family.
  • New Year’s came – I prefer the phrase “twenty-eleven” to “two thousand eleven.”  My resolution: be a more frequent blogger and try to bring you some new recipes.
  • Our FIRST ANNIVERSARY(!) was yesterday.  My parents though us a lovely dinner party catered by our favorite restaurant.  It was a nice time, despite the awkward silences.  Seems like the year between anniversaries flies faster than a year between birthdays.  Try and figure that one out.
  • Today we bought a vacuum.  I just tested it out.  LOVE IT!  No more hard to get up Mittens hair.

Ok, so that’s that for now.  I’m going to try and do better with my posts in 2011… you’ll see!


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