Beauty Review: The Falsies

8 Dec


This was a complete impulse buy.  I was at the store picking up some pressed powder and saw this mascara on sale.  The tube I just bought a couple weeks ago of my usual favorite turned out to be a dud – it was missing the part that skims the brush that keeps it from being covered in goo.  So I needed a new mascara anyway and picked this one up just for fun.  I ordinarily wouldn’t have given it a second thought because the commercial seems so far fetched.  And on the off chance that it really would make me look like I was wearing false lashes – well that’s not the everyday look I’m going for.

So this morning I opened up my package of Volum’Express the Falsies mascara and put it on.  Now, usually with a new tube of mascara it takes me a few uses, a week maybe, for me to “break in” the wand and get the coverage and length I like.  Virgin wands don’t apply as much.  But this one gave me good length right off the bat, which was a nice surprise.  The small problem I’m having with it though is that instead of nice smooth lashes like other mascaras have given me, this one made my lashes kind of… jagged for a lack of better word.  It’s hard to see in the picture I just took of myself in Photo Booth, but they aren’t straight and thick like I usually like.  The length, though, is pretty awesome.

Length: A
Volume: B-
Overall: B+


2 Responses to “Beauty Review: The Falsies”

  1. BB December 8, 2010 at 3:46 pm #

    hm, thanks for the review. i always look at them in the store, but then figure that i’ve tried enough “special” mascara’s to learn that none of them do a damn thing but look like your average mascara (i was so excited to try the mascara with the glitter specs in it that rhianna was marketing…..meh, seemed like nothing special to me). but i am in dire need of new mascara, so maybe i’ll splurge on this!

    • rosswife December 9, 2010 at 1:30 pm #

      Yes, give it a try! It was only five dollars where I got it, which is way less than some of those other special mascaras that go for twelve or thirteen bucks. It went on even better today than yesterday.

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