Hi, Winter!

2 Dec

So it finally started snowing around here yesterday.  We got a few inches where I live, though a few miles to the south they got a few FEET.  Thankfully I wasn’t stranded like they were and hubs and I were able to enjoy a nice lunch out and some errands on our eleven-month-aversary before he had to go to work.  Anyway, yay for snow!

But knowing me, I’ll be sick of it by mid-January.  And you know my mind is always one season ahead, which means I’m actually starting to think Spring, in a very limited way.  I know, I know, I need to live in the moment, and don’t worry I am because I’m still stinkin’ excited for Christmas.  Hence The Santa Clause on TV and the pile of half-addressed Christmas cards next to me.

One of our stops today included the Yankee Candle store, because I tend to hoard them like unread books, and I wanted to find some things to put on my Christmas wish list.  They have three Spring Preview scents in stock right now (though the store I work at has five or six 😉 ) and they smell really good.  Usually I hate the flowery spring scents Yankee does, but this year they’ve got fresh and fruity ones.  Bahama Breeze smells like a fruity daiquiri, I just want to drink it up, but my absolute favorite is definitely:

Fluffy Towels!  I usually hate fake cotton scents but I am in love with this one.  They hit it spot on; it smells exactly like my grandmother’s towel closet, which is a scent I never want to forget.  It smells like my childhood when my brother and I would go spend a week or two with her in the summer.

But like I said, I’m still good with Christmas.  I bought the cutest little snowman votive holder while I was there, in fact, and I’m currently burning a Winter Wonderland votive, one of their better new scents for this holiday season.


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