Kohl’s Department Store

19 Nov

Being that I’m actually a twenty-year-old young woman living in the 1940s wearing a pretty knee-length skirt and t-strap heels, I must say I love the phrase “department store.”  Sometimes (don’t judge) I like to think about the names of department stores and how well their name goes with the phrase “department store.”  For example, “Macy’s” and “Kaufmann’s” (may you rest in peace) go very well with the phrase department store.  They just sound classy.  “JC Penney Department Store,” however, sounds significantly less awesome.  Their merchandise kind of reflects that, too.  “Sears” is a hearty and traditional name in department stores and sounds even better when you say their whole name, “Sears, Roebuck and Co.”   I feel kind of bad for Alvah Curtis Roebuck because his name is no longer really associated with the store.  In 2005 they merged with Kmart, and their merchandise reflects that now.  I would only ever buy an appliance or power tools at Sears, definitely not clothes.

Oh, I’ve gone off on a tangent.  One of my new favorite stores is Kohl’s.  It was a long time before one showed up in our town and I hadn’t spent much time in it after it opened, but I rediscovered it in August when shopping for work pants.  I tried on two pairs and they both fit immediately and it was definitely not a hassle to shop there.  That’s when I decided Kohl’s was my new favorite department store, replacing… well, no one really.  I didn’t have a favorite department store before.

I overheard a man at TGIFriday’s a couple weeks ago telling his wife about how Kohl’s is not liked by Consumer Reports, or some such organization, because they run false sales.  They jack up the original price and it immediately goes on sale in the hopes that you’re duped into thinking you got a good deal.  It’s kind of obvious when you think about it, because practically everything in home decor is always 50% off.

Be that as it may, I had a coupon that was going to expire for ten dollars off anything in the store.  And when they say anything, they mean anything (except items where profits go to charity).  So I found a cute Christmas throw pillow “on sale” for $9.99 and since I was a penny short of my ten-dollar subtotal, I scooped up a cute cookie shaped Christmas ornament also “on sale” for $2.49.  According to the bottom of my receipt I saved $22.50 today.

But that’s not the reason I like Kohl’s.  I know I didn’t actually save $22.50 today.  I saved $10 from that coupon they mailed me, which is why I like them.  I’ve been wanting to get a Christmas throw pillow for ages (ie: a week and a half) and I finally found one and I got it for FREE.  Mele Kalikimaka to me!

So that was my “win” today.  My “loss” was that I hit 10,000 miles on my car.


One Response to “Kohl’s Department Store”

  1. marlin leonard September 18, 2011 at 2:44 pm #

    I have been to two Kohl’sone in Georgetown Kentucky the other in Nicholusville Kentucky. I could not get any help on the floor even asking for it. U lost a 600.00 dollr sell Bed Bath and Beyond received. It will be a long time before i set foot in Kohl’s again.

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