WIJFR: One Winter’s Night

17 Nov

So today I had a day off before a few days of long shifts at work and took advantage of it by try to catch up on my reading pile.  What actually happened was that I didn’t catch up on anything I had already started, but started two new books instead.


We headed out to Barnes & Noble with our nooks today because there is a coupon in the daily for a free small smoothie if you own a nook.  Score.  So we settled into the Barnes & Noble cafe and I took advantage of their “read in store” option on said nook and started reading Catching Fire, the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy.  So far, it’s a lot better in my opinion than the first book, which was a pleasant surprise.  But I don’t have time to get back there to read for another hour for at least four days.  The wait list on PBS is at least three years, so I may have to break down and order the e-book for myself.

On the way out I picked up three Harlequins because I had a coupon, $1.50 off three.  Sometimes you want to read something fast and easy.  I started tonight with One Winter’s Night, which was fast in easy in both senses of the phrase and surprisingly pleasant.  I was done in three hours and was glad to have spent the evening with this book.

The book is broken up in four short stories that all take place on the night of the office Christmas party.  Four different couples find each other and fall into heavy lust, if not love, too.  I’d never read a Harlequin Blaze until tonight, and I can see why they’re called that; it was definitely steamy.  Because of the way it was broken up, I didn’t feel bogged down with the story as I sometimes can with other Harlequins (as in, OK we get it, they’re attracted to each other and they’re going to agree to get married in the end, so let’s get this over with).

I definitely recommend this one if you’re into Christmas romances.


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