How a Wool Sweater Keeps You Warm

17 Nov

Let’s face it, wool sweaters are itchy.  People with eczema should not wear them, but when I found this one at Banana Republic on sale for under thirty dollars and I had a thirty percent off coupon, I had to at least try it on.  The light blue color is so pretty, a tiny smidge darker than in the picture above.  It felt pretty good in the store, not too itchy and rather soft.  So I bought it.  The 100% merino wool sweater.  And I have eczema.  Which had been flaring up for the past two months.

OK, no one said I was smart.  I think if I could wear this inside out it might be better.

One of the things that drew me to sweater, besides the fact that it was hugely on sale and I had a coupon and it was a pretty color, was its weight.  It’s thin.  This, I thought, would be a good thing because I hate overheating in heavy sweaters.  Especially when my step-grandmother-in-law likes to keep the heat up at Thanksgiving around 76 degrees.

But now I’m wearing it, trying to keep it on to prove to my husband that it was not a waste of money, and I’m burning up and I finally figured it out.

A thin wool sweater will keep you warm because it’s itchy.  The itchy makes you feel like you’re burning.  Thus, you warm up.

Wait, he’s in the shower right now and didn’t see me put this on.  I’m off to change!  I’ll wear this when I find a shirt I can wear underneath it.


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