It’s like a zoo out there!

15 Nov

I’ve notice a lot of people in the area seem to have started their Christmas shopping early this year.  Not like picking up a gift when they see one, but more like aggressively shopping (and driving) as though Christmas were only a couple weeks away.  Chris and I went to a Toys R Us sale last Friday to pick up the gifts for the two kids on our list and it was crazy!  They were open until midnight and, aside from the fact that the location we visited seemed to have no rhyme or reason to its layout to begin with, it was a mess.  Toys strewn about, in the wrong place, disorganized on shelves, which had a lot of empty spots.  Looked like a lot of people shopped the sale earlier in the day.  Anyway, shopping for Christmas presents for kids was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.  Now I can’t wait to have kids of my own so I can go Christmas shopping for them, haha!

Today I had to go to Wegmans, there was no avoiding it.  I needed bread flour for the rolls I’m making to go with dinner tonight (remind me to post that recipe for you later, it’s delicious!) and a gallon of water for the Keurig.  I went on an empty stomach so I was going to pick up lunch, too.  Well, it was a Monday around 1pm and it was PACKED.  Christmas stuff everywhere, people buying turkeys for Thanksgiving, meandering this way and that, running into each other – oy!  I got my stuff together as fast as I could and got into the 15 item or less line because the two 7 items or less lines were closed.  Naturally they opened up while I was waiting and other people beat me to them before I could move.

Ok, people, listen to me: if it says fifteen items or less it means fifteen items or less.  If you have sixteen, fine whatever, if you have fifteen and pick up a pack of gum in the check out line, that’s cool.

But the lady in front of me had TWENTY-TWO items.  Yes, I counted.  She could have gone through the fifteen item line AND the seven item line separately because that’s how many items she had.  It was packed and those of us with just a couple items had to wait for her big-ass order to be completed before we could go.

The fun part was, and yes this is the excitement in my day today, the container of candy canes at the checkout line.  Three for a buck, so I picked one up and am enjoying it now.  One of the local radio stations has started playing their 24/7 Christmas music.  I’m raring and ready to go for the holiday season!


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