OMG I’m updating.

9 Nov

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I guess life happened.  November started and I started NaNoWriMo-ing.   I had a great idea for my novel and I plowed away at it for the first two days.  Now I’m at least five days behind in my word count and have seemingly lost the desire to continue.  I’m disappointed in myself.  So much so that I’ve been avoiding the computer so I wouldn’t have to look at my novel document.

Part of the reason I haven’t had the time to write is that I scored myself a lot more hours at work.  At least for the past two weeks.  The downside of that is that I had to work a long shift Saturday and all day Sunday and, since it was Open House Weekend, we were insanely busy.  The good news out of that is that we made goals and if our tiny store is any indication, people are willing to spend money again.

Also, hubs got a job at Best Buy.  He’s selling “home essentials,” which means things like TVs, washers, dryers, Blu-ray players, video game units, etc.  He loves it!  He’s getting good hours too, so while he’s hoping to use the money to buy a giant-assed TV, I’d rather see the money go towards the $600 we owe my parents and the credit card bills and the savings account.  I’d love a bigger TV, but ours is working just fine.  Maybe I’m becoming frugal in my old age.

Hubs also finally got the score from his USMLESTEP1 exam.  We’re all proud of him, but he’s a little disappointed with his score, despite the fact that he scored in the 95th percentile.  He’s going to be a great doctor someday, once we get through two years of rotations and a bunch more years of residency.  Then maybe we can finally have a paycheck and start paying back student loans.


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