NaNoWriMo, Will You?

19 Oct

November is National Novel Writing Month and there is a whole website, which I’ve been sucked into, about it.  Since I was in fifth grade I’ve been bragging to others that I was going to write next great American novel and now that I’ll be twenty-four on Friday, it’s about time I start on that, I think.

Of course, there have been innumerable attempts at this in the past.  My hope is that the website and my husband, who is also participating, will keep me in line.

I’ve got a plot because, like all good plots I suspect, it came to me in a dream last night, er, this early this morning, er, around 10am because hubs and I slept in until noon today.  I wrote the idea down quick when I got out of the shower and then, after lunch, got down to doing some research, which involved a trip to the library when I realized once again that borrowing books is FREE and why I love the library so much.  I often for that in between visits.

More importantly, I’ve got a tag line (that I’m sure is not grammatically correct) and a graphic of said tagline.  Sweet, I’m good to go.  For now.  Until November 1st, when I actually have to start typing out this 175 page, 50,000 word document.

I’m sure most of the responses I’ll get will be “I’m too busy!” but are you planning on participating?  Even if you aren’t, what’s your idea for the next great American novel?


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