Meliora Recap

18 Oct

So this past weekend was our Alumni Weekend at UofR.  It was great to go back and walk around the campus, though I realized quickly that I had forgotten the quickest routes around campus!  Haha, I guess it’s been awhile.

We left the house around 7:15 am on Saturday after my measly one and a half hours of sleep.  Boy was I dragging.  We got to campus in record time thanks to my husband’s radar detector, picked up our tickets for the day, and found ourselves with a few hours to kill before we had to get in line for the Keynote speaker.  So we wandered around the bookstore, went back to The Pit (now called the Commons, which is a stupid name), ate some breakfast, sat around, then got in line.  We were the third group of people in line so we got seats I liked, even though we had to sit in the wildly uncomfortable bleachers because floor seats were saved for people who donate a shit-ton to the University; something we can’t afford to do at the moment.

The Keynote speaker was Sanjay Gupta.  He spent more time speaking about his role in the media than his role as a doctor, but eventually got around to talking about the health insurance reform that was recently passed.  Then there was time for audience question and answer which, as anyone could have predicted, got a little heated.  He also explained why he decided not to take the position of Surgeon General that President Obama offered to him.  It’s not because it paid less as a lot of people assumed, it’s because the Surgeon General cannot performs surgery and he didn’t want to give up that aspect of his life so young.  I though that was respectable.

After the Keynote we grabbed some lunch in the Pit.  I had a sandwich and some soup, Chris had a really good quesadilla from the new Mexican place, and David had some chinese from Panda Express.  They did a really good job with the Pit renovations, it’s a much bigger, lighter space with better food.  There were no tickets for our next event, so we headed over there an hour early and got really good seats.

Our second event of the day was the Presidential Round table, which included Sanjay Gupta, a medical school alum who currently works in pediatric cancer in Boston, and the manager of a local hospital (who is not a doctor and had no medical training).  It was moderated by another alum.  The subject was healthcare and while I expected some form of debate, they agreed on a lot, which led to a pretty non-exciting discussion, until during the questions a woman got up and yelled at them all for agreeing.

The third event we attended immediately followed and was supposed to be a discussion on how doctors need to be more caring towards their patients.  The talk was given by a doctor at the local hospital who experiences a traumatizing biking accident in Spring 2009 which has left him in a motorized wheelchair.  His wife also added to the talk by discussion how the situation affected her family.  I didn’t feel like she had anything significant to contribute and while the doctor made some good points, the talk overall was extremely boring and I kind of wished we had gone to the talk about midterm elections instead.

It was about 4:30pm when we got out of that event.  We thought we would meet up with some of Chris’s fraternity brothers for dinner, but they weren’t going until six p.m. and that was going to make us late to our final event – comedian Jim Gaffigan.  So we went to the bookstore, bought the various things we wanted, then went back to the Pit for dinner.  We all had pizza, which was pretty good.  By then I had a massive headache from my lack of sleep, but some Advil and caffeine helped that a bit.  We got in line for Gaffigan an hour before they doors were going to open and we were second in line.  We had floor seats and managed to get the first row after the reserved sections.

There was an opening act, whose name I can’t recall, who was pretty funny then Jim Gaffigan came out.  Most of his material was new to me and I laughed so hard that my cough started acting up, which led to quite the stomach ache over night.  Anyway, he was hilarious and Chris and I were even on the jumbo screen at one point!

After that we were done.  Literally and mentally.  We went back to the hotel, found our rooms, and I crawled into that king sized bed and slept through the night.  It was great to finally get some sleep, especially in such a comfy bed!

Sunday:  We got up, had our selves a free hotel breakfast, and hit up two local farms.  At the first one we got some apples, cider, and Indian corn to decorate the mailbox with.  The second farm we walked through their teepees, took a  hay ride, looked at the petting zoo, wandered around their store, and had a really good time overall.  We hit up Five Guys for lunch because David had never been, and then drove back to Buffalo, making it in record time.

So it was a great weekend and now I’m sad it’s over and I have to go to work at three.

PS:  In case you were wondering, that little ibuprofen trick didn’t work out at well as I’d hoped.


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