Warning: This post borders on TMI.

12 Oct

I’m blogging about my period.  I know that sounds gross, but it’s not really.  Here’s what happened:  while my husband was reviewing for the STEP (which he takes the day after tomorrow!) he came across this little tidbit of information…

If you take two doses ibuprofen five days before your period you can “greatly reduce” the painfulness of your cramps.**  So I just took a dose of Target brand Advil and I’ll take the second one in four to six hours.  Then I’ll let you know  after Sunday if it worked.  And, since I’m on the pill, you now all know my period schedule and I expect gifts of Dove chocolate to be delivered monthly.  Thanks in advance.


Something like this would be appropriate as a Period Pampering kit. Chocolate, a wine glass, and what appears to be a journal to write angst-y remarks about your spouse/mate. Thanks Google Images for the great idea!



But seriously, here’s what I was wondering – how come Cosmo magazine hasn’t found this out and written about it?  It seems they’re always writing things like, “50 Things Your Gyno Won’t Tell You!”  Which, incidentally, is usually crap and why I don’t read the magazine anymore.  They repeat their articles too frequently.


*shiver* The gyno can be a creepy place.



**PS:  I am not a doctor and technically my husband isn’t yet, either.  So please don’t use my blog for medical advice.  Kthnxbye.


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