15 Sep

Did you ever notice, and how could you not, that when you go to the dentist the hygienist lacks a soft touch?  After going for my semi-annual checkup my teeth always ache for a day.

I have been having an aching in my bottom left jaw for a few months now.  It actually started in the Bahamas but they don’t have what I would consider quality dentistry there.  And I kind of let it go in Miami hoping it would go away, but of course it didn’t.  So off I went to the dentist this morning, expecting there to be a cavity.  Thankfully, the aching was no due to cavity, but due to a wisdom tooth that I don’t have to get removed.  Whew.

But that didn’t stop the dentist from find two cavities in other places!  Places I would have never suspected.  Ah well, I guess I have to get these filled in the next couple weeks.

How is it that I can get two cavities when I take good care of my teeth at home, meaning I brush in the morning and at night and floss occasionally, but a some people who only brush twice a year tops have never gotten one?  How is that fair?


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