WIJFR: The Parting

1 Sep

The Parting
Beverly Lewis
345 pages

The Parting is the first novel in a short series The Courtship of Nellie Fisher.   It takes place in an Amish town in 1966 where the “Plain” folk are divided three ways – there are those who wish to keep the old ways, those who wish to upgrade to some modern convinces like tractors and electricity, and those who want to accept the Gospel of John, be saved, but skip the electricity.

Nellie Fisher is a young woman going through a courtship with a young man named Caleb.  Their love is complicated by the fact that Caleb’s father is very stuck in the old way and refuses to allow Caleb to marry anyone whose family is not of the same mind.  The Fisher family, however, had begun to read the Gospel of John together and had found themselves “saved.”  The end of the book ends on a cliffhanger – what will happen to their love when their two families have different points of view on being Amish?

Another interesting subplot is the mystery of what happened with Nellie’s sister, Suzy, who died by drowning on an outing with some of her new “Fancy” people friends, or rather non-Amish friends.  There were rumors circulating about what kind of crowd and what kind of trouble Suzy had gotten into, so Nellie investigates.

All and all it was a nice book to read.  Very simple and a fast read over all.  It’s not the book of the century, but I enjoyed it and I’ll pick up the second book in series from the library after I get through more of my own reading pile.


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