Restaurant Review: The Lake Effect Diner

1 Sep

The Lake Effect Diner
3165 Main St.
Buffalo, NY 14214


2.89 noms out of 5

A good friend of mine asked me to meet her for lunch today at The Lake Effect Diner, a place I’d never heard of before.  So I Googled it last night and found it was on an episode of Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  That piqued my interest and made the drive worth it in my mind and since it was on TV, it’s eligible to be written about in my blog.

This was my third or fourth visit to a restaurant featured on The Food Network and before today I wasn’t let down at all.  But I have mixed reviews about this diner.

First of all, it’s tiny.  There is a row of booths along the front window and a counter behind that.  When I got there around noon I expected it to be full with a lunch crowd, but there were still plenty of seats open at the counter, though all the booths were full.  I pulled up a seat waiting for my companion and perused the menu as I had on the Internet the night before.  Various Internet reviews has spoken of a bacon that was delicious and thick cut, so I settled on the BLT with a side of grilled mac and cheese, which my friend recommended.

The meal took about twenty minutes to half an hour to finally get to us.  While the meal was very good, I wouldn’t say the wait time was worth it.  The mac and cheese was delicious and I liked that it was prepared to uniquely, but really I could have had the same effect by throwing some Stouffer’s on a griddle.  The BLT bread was toasted just right and the bacon lived up to the hype.  But there was too much tomato and the lettuce was only mediocrely fresh.

I drank water, which tasted kind of musty, which matched the musty smell of the diner itself.  The floors were not clean.  There were three girls waitressing, though the one seemed to be doing most of the work herself.  I didn’t see the blonde girl do anything productive and the other girl was focusing mostly on seating people, of which maybe five came in during the hour I was there.  It should not take an hour to eat lunch at a diner.

Overall, I’m glad I went and saw this place that Guy Fieri seemed to enjoy, though I’m not sure how he heard about it since not too many locals seem to even know about it.  I suspect it’s popular with the college students because it’s right next to UB South and accepts Campus Cash.

In the end, like all diner food, I was hungry an hour later and got myself a half pound apple from Wegmans as a snack.


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