I’m going to vent about people who vent about the holidays.

31 Aug

There is always some complaining about when stores set up their merchandise for various holidays.  Yes it’s August, though almost September, and there is Halloween stuff in the stores.  Yes, as soon as that’s gone there will be Christmas stuff in the stores.  And yes, they are selling winter coats and hats and scarves and boots and all that good wintery stuff at JCPenney right now.

SO WHAT!?  Does it really bother you that much to see it?  “Oh my eyes, my eyes!  I’m getting a migraine from looking at this pumpkin shaped candy dish!”  “Can’t we enjoy Labor Day first and then maybe see some Halloween stuff?”  No one is forcing you to celebrate Halloween this instant, but the fact remains that it’s good for business to put the stuff out early.  More of it is going to sell if they put it out in August than if they waited for October.  And the fact of the matter is, people are buying it right now.  Besides, who really cares about Labor Day that much?

Same goes for Christmas ornaments, particularly the collectible kind that Hallmark makes.  There are thousands of hardcore Hallmark ornament collectors and they wait in line for the stores to open on Premiere weekend in July to buy them.  The average customer walks in, scoffs that it’s too early to even think about, and then leaves in a huff.  Then they come back a week before Christmas and the ornament is gone and whine at us like it’s our fault we were doing our job and moving merchandise.  Maybe you should have thought about that before you declared it “too early.”  Just because you bought it in July doesn’t mean you have to put up a tree and display them right away.  Stuff them in a closet and forget about them until the day after Thanksgiving.  And for goodness sakes, stop whining and stop taking it out on the sales associate.

As for the department stores and their winter coats, I know it sucks to try on a down jacket when it’s 85 degrees out, but think about it this way – if you need a new coat this year, wouldn’t you rather buy it now so the first day it gets cold you can wear it?  Rather than the first day it gets cold, you put on a thin sweater, dart away to Kohl’s, and struggle to find something you like in the picked over merchandize and in a time crunch?  That’s how you end up with something ugly like this:

Disclaimer: I am not trying to suggest Kohl's sells ugly coats. I like Kohl's, in fact. Anyway, if you have a coat that looks like this I implore you to buy a new one now.

One more thing: There is no such thing as a “Hallmark” holiday.  Hallmark has never in its entire 100 year history invented its own holiday simply for profit.  Including Sweetest Day, which was started by some dude who wanted to spread joy to the old and infirm by giving them candy.  Since then the holiday has grown particularly in this area, and if my husband refuses once again to get me a Sweetest Day card this year solely on principle, I will be sorely sad.


One Response to “I’m going to vent about people who vent about the holidays.”

  1. Salt August 31, 2010 at 2:57 pm #

    I think I would love that coat if it didn’t look so much like someone used a weed whacker on it.

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