WIJFR: Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind

27 Aug

Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind
Ann B. Ross
273 pages

Well, after reading  the Millennium Trilogy which was heavy reading, albeit amazing, it was time for something lighter.  The first book I got in the mail from PaperBackSwap was Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind, the first book in a series about a middle-aged, southern woman whose husband has died and had left her his bastard child and the child’s mother to take care of.

Hilarity ensues.  This book made me laugh out loud a couple of times and the inner voice of Miss Julia has such a distinctly humorous and southern personality.  Miss Julia fancies herself a selfless Christian woman (in a charming way, not a preachy preachy way) and soon learns that her church is not the breeding ground for Christian good as she once thought it to be.  Overall, I thought the book was pretty good, good enough for me to want to read the whole rest of the series, which the author is still in the process of writing.

I’ve already ordered the second book in the series from the same person I got this one from.  I think after that I’ll just get the books from the library because they seem to have them all and it will be faster for me to read them!

Tonight I’m going to start reading The Virgin Suicides, which I heard about from lurking on thenest.com book club board.  It also happens to be on the list of 1001 books to read before you die.  If I start reading now, I can probably have that list done in ten to fifteen years.  I’d better get cracking!

**And if you’re interesting in reading this book, it’s on my PaperBackSwap bookshelf and my username is pandareads.  It can be yours for free!**


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