WIJFR: The Millennium Trilogy

25 Aug

You’ll recall how excited I was to buy my Nook and start reading the Millennium Trilogy.  Well last night, just shy of 2 a.m., I finished the trilogy.  My feelings were mixed when I finished:

1.  Relief.  I was relieved the ending wasn’t predictable and forced in order to tie up loose ends.  Even though everything significant was tied up, it was done in the same fashion as the rest of the books.

2.  Happiness.  These were the best books I’ve read in… well, ever.

2.  Sadness.  Steig Larsson passed away after submitting the three manuscripts, so this it.  There won’t be any more books by Larsson.  Evidently he had planned for it to become a ten books series, but things were wrapped up.  It seems like a natural stopping place.

4.  Relief again.  These books are epic and Larsson has created some literature that will endure for generations.  I would have hated for him to have kept writing to the point where things weren’t written as well and he was forgotten by history.

Still, I can’t help but feeling a little sad that there won’t be anymore books about Salander and Blomkvist.

These books have been a great adventure for me.  The characters are sincere and each unique from one another.  The plots are thick and tricky, yet flow together so well.  Despite the graphic violence in each of the books, I highly recommend to them to everyone to read.  I’m sure they’ll be on the Top 100 Books of the Century someday, or some other such list.


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