Open Letters

23 Aug

Dear Goodwill Drop-off Site,
You’re so easy to use! Why haven’t I dropped stuff off at you before?

Dear BJs,
Thank you for giving me Zyrtec at a low, low price. But can’t your produce be a bit fresher?

Dear Zyrtec,
WTF? You barely work for me to begin with, but I miss you for one day and my nose starts running like crazy? Uncool.

Dear Weather,
I love you when you’re chilly and overcast. Keep up the good work.

Dear PaperBackSwap,
I love you! I received my first book today! And it only took a week to get here, not two or three.

Dear Post Office,
I will miss you when you’re obsolete and gone. UPS/FedEx are too expensive. And your clerks are always so friendly!

Dear Card$mart on Sheridan,
Your merchandise is sucky. And your Silly Bandz cost a full dollar more than at Hallmark.

Dear Sir I ran into at Starbucks,
Thank you for keeping chivalry alive. Not only did you open the door for me, but you let me go ahead of you in line in true “ladies first” fashion. I really appreciate that.

Dear Starbucks,
Iced Caramel Macchiato. Delicious.


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