My Super-Awesome Shopping Trip

15 Aug

The hectic schedule of traveling and seeing family before Chris left town (this morning) has finally caught up with me and I am now the most exhausted person on the planet.  Or, maybe this house, though probably not even then.  Anyway, when the time came for me to go shopping today I would have much rather stayed around the house, loafing around doing nothing but reading and napping.  The thought of walking into work tomorrow in just panties and a shirt, however, motivated me to actually leave the house.  I need to buy pants.  And that’s when the best shopping trip I’ve ever had, or at least that I can recall, happened.

I went to Kohl’s because I saw some pants in their ad in today’s paper and because I had a ten-dollar gift card/coupon thingy.  Wouldn’t you know, first store I tried I found pants.  And wouldn’t you know, the first two pairs I picked up fit perfectly in the butt and thigh, which I always have trouble fitting properly.  The length on the one pair is a little long, but they’re Union Bay so I don’t care if I walk the cuffs off.  I’m not paying twenty bucks to hem Union Bay pants.  Anyway, don’t tell my husband, but I also found a cute shirt on sale!  It was ALL on sale, actually.  Score one for RossWife.

I was waiting in a really long line to pay and the woman from the jewelry counter came over and said if that’s all I had she could check me out at the jewelry counter.  Skipped long line, score two for RossWife!

I got to my car and saw that I could pull out instead of backing out!  Score three for RossWife!

I drove over to Wegman’s, which I’ve missed ever so much, and found a close parking space even though it packed.  I found the lotion I’ve been hunting for for months that I didn’t think they’d have.  I paid cash so it wouldn’t go on the credit card.  I got to pull out of my parking space AGAIN!  Score four, five, six, seven for RossWife!

Total errand time: 56 minutes!  SCORE EIGHT!  Now I’m home and I’m going to go put on some comfy pants and curl up with the third book in the Millennium Trilogy in my Nook.  Score nine for me.  I need one more to make it a perfect ten… I ate a brownie.  Nice.  Who knew you could have such an awesome day in just a one hour time frame?

Or as awesome as a day you can have after dropping your husband off at the airport for seven weeks.  But with him studying hard without the distractions of me and Mittens and me earning a little bit of money while he does that, it’s almost a win-win.  October 1st can’t get here soon enough.

PS:  I think Kohl’s is my new favorite Department Store, though I didn’t have a favorite before.


One Response to “My Super-Awesome Shopping Trip”

  1. Alise August 15, 2010 at 2:58 pm #

    I’m actually planning a trip to Kohl’s very soon for dress pants for school! I love that almost everything is always on sale!

    P.s..we can be in the “I miss my husband” club together. My husband is gone for 12 days, I give you a lot of credit since yours is gone 7 weeks!

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