In Buffalo

14 Aug
Update:  Sorry for the wonky formating, but for some reason WordPress won’t let me add blank lines in this post to separate the paragraphs!
Oh my goodness, I’m updating finally.  I often find that after moves (and the necessity of being away from the Internet) my interest in the Internet wanes to the point where I don’t bother with anything but important e-mail for a week or so after.
Here’s a quick recap of our awesome mini-road trip back north, which I am happy to report was so, so much easier than our drive down to Miami last spring.
Day 1: We drove from Miami to Savannah, GA.  Mittens messed her carrier one hour into the trip so I was afraid it was going to be a long four days, but that was the only incident we had.  Towing the Scion was easy and so was unhooking it every night and rehooking it every morning.  We made a stop in Savannah on purpose to eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant, The Lady and Sons.  I had heard that you had to be in line at 9:30 am to get a table for dinner, so I wasn’t confident at all that we would actually be able to eat there.  There is a stand-by line to eat at the bar, so we stood in that.  The woman at the desk told us we would be standing there for about an hour, but we only stood there for twenty minutes!  Score!  Dinner was beyond delicious.  I had the Lady’s Choice salad which was a very good version of a Cobb salad and Chris and I shared a crab dip appetizer which was sinfully rich.
Day 2:  We had an uneventful drive from Savannah to Nashville, TN.  Chris wanted to stay there because he thinks he’s a cowboy now that he’s bought a pickup truck and has acquired some ostrich skin boots and a cowboy hat to go along with his longtime love affair with country music.  We ate dinner at The Wildhorse Saloon, which I guess is somewhat famous?, and had the fried pickles.  Those were amazing with some sour cream to dip them in!
Day 3:  We had a leisurely drive from Nashville to Columbus, OH.  We passed through KY on the way and spontaneously stopped for fifteen minutes to see Lincoln’s birthplace, which appeared to be under some sort of construction so we couldn’t actually see it.  I did get a picture of Mittens and me sitting in front of it, though.  Mittens came with us so she wouldn’t have to sit in the car.  We skipped the visitors center since I’m pretty sure pet cats are not allowed in National Parks.  We also drove by Lincoln’s childhood home and first school.  After that we headed over to the Maker’s Mark distillery to hit up the gift shop and find a Christmas present for my dad.  You’re only young and stupid once, so we left the truck running with the A/C on and Mittens inside.  It was locked, but still doesn’t seem like a smart move.  We had a really good lunch at the little cafe at the Distillery (got it to go and ate in the car with Mittens).  Then in Columbus we had some authentic German good for dinner in the German village.  Yum!
Day 4:  We finished our trip from Columbus to Buffalo, NY.  Overall it was a great four day trip!  Since then we have been seeing family and settling in.
Chris is leaving tomorrow morning for a seven week study course in Dallas for the STEP exam.  I’m re-starting my job at Hallmark.  Chris will be joining me again October 1st, take the exam (hopefully) October 15th, and then we have about six weeks to wait for the results and then move to Janesville, Wisconsin.

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  1. Alise August 15, 2010 at 3:03 pm #

    Welcome back! I’ve been checking for updates pretty often, and was very excited to see two posts waiting for me!

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