Miami Update

27 Jul

T-minus 10 days until the semester is over and we start our four day trek north.  Total packing completed: 0%.  I was planning on starting yesterday, then today… this seems harder than packing up in the Bahamas for some reason.  I’m looking around and I’m not sure what I can pack or what has to stick around a bit longer, especially when it comes to the kitchen.

In other news, Mittens is being a terror.  During the day she’s sweet as pie and doesn’t get into too much trouble anymore.  The paper towels are no longer severely shredded, she doesn’t lick the dish soap anymore, and she seems to like sitting on the window sill.  But at night, that’s a whole different can of worms.  At night she goes stir crazy.  There’s not enough room here for her kitten energy to be expelled.  We play fetch with her every night, but it doesn’t tire her out much.

The worst comes in the middle of the night.  She fails to understand that we, as humans, need sleep.  We aren’t just awake whenever like herself.  In an attempt to get our attention, she decides everything must belong on the floor.  She sits on the coffee table and off goes the tissue box, papers, Chris’s study materials, a bottle of Advil, the remotes.  Last week she broke a glass that was waiting to be washed, which woke us out of a dead sleep.  Chris ran into the corner of the room and couldn’t figure out where the door was, that’s how out of it he was from sleeping!  She also broke a vase, which was not ours, but the landlord’s.

We’ve discovered it’s actually safer to put the breakables on the floor!  She doesn’t care about them when they’re on the floor, only when they’re on tables/desk.   I’m about at my wit’s end – she can’t keep this up when we’re in Buffalo for three months.  We’re staying with my parents (can’t wait to not be a poor med student family anymore) and they’re going to be very angry to find the counters emptied onto the floor every morning.

Oh, Mittens…. behave!


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