I did it all for the Nook

22 Jul

Well, I’ll tell you – I’ve been dreaming about a Nook for a long time.  And after debating for a few weeks over whether or not I should actually buy one, I bought one Monday afternoon.

My nook in its cover - taken with Photo Booth

Ordinarily I wouldn’t want to spend the money, but I used my tax rebate.  The one that TurboTax missed, the government found, and voluntarily sent back to me.  See, the IRS isn’t all bad.

So with my newfound, hard(ly) earned money, I went and got myself the Nook Wi-Fi.  I didn’t feel like I needed to spend the extra forty bucks for the 3G which I knew I would never use.  The same day, long story short, Chris was going to buy an Apple iPad but then decided not, too.  Of course, then he started playing with my Nook and decided he needed one, too.  Same day, we went back and got him his own Nook.

So far, the experience has been amazing.  Our Nooks are probably the best purchase we’ve made for ourselves since our Honeymoon.  We immediately thought of how great it would be to read the same book at the same time and be able to discuss it.  Right now we’re both reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo because it’s so popular and we wanted to see what the fuss was about. How cute are we, laying in bed at night reading side by side?  DH hasn’t read for pleasure in years and it thrills me to see him reading for fun.

Some other great things about the Nook:

  • I find myself reading through books faster than if I had a physical copy because it’s easier to hold with one hand and flip a page.  Strange as it might sound, I think it’s better for my carpal tunnel.
  • I have read for five hours in one sitting and not gotten a headache from the screen – the eInk is really impressive.
  • Barnes and Noble has a selection of free e-books.  The only book we’ve paid for is TGWTDT.  Right now I’m also reading Little Women and it was free!  There are also several Harlequin books currently for free.  Everyone knows they are my guilty reading pleasure.
  • The Nook allows you to transfer PDF files onto it, which enables Chris to put his medical textbooks on to it.  He can carry them all with him now and it takes considerably less space and pounds in his bag.  The Nook can hold 1500 books, so it all fits comfortably with much space left.

Over the past three days I’ve done essentially nothing but read, which is great.  I was afraid to buy the Nook in the first place because I was afraid I wouldn’t use it enough to justify the expense, but now I can see that won’t be an issue.  I haven’t had the TV on for more than two hours since Monday, which is impressive for this bored housewife.  It’ll go back on late Friday night for the annual Christmas in July on QVC – I’m a sucker for Christmas, but more on that later.


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