16 Jul

My husband was severely sleep deprived as we drove to Moe’s for lunch today (free Queso on July 21st, by the way!)  It lead to some strange conversation.  Like how I feel like I underachieved in college by only having one major and not trying college level sciences.  I loved biology when I was in high school, why didn’t I try it in college?  It’s a regret now.

We also talked about philosophy majors.  What can you do with a degree in philosophy?  Teach it.  That’s about it.  So we have a subject where people study it just to teach it.  Learn it to teach it to people who are learning it to teach it.  That’s it.  What’s the point?  I mean, it might be nice to spend your days just musing over philosophy, but where does it get you?

I might be biased because I did a cluster (a step short of a minor) in philosophy and I could never understand what the heck was going on.  It was impossible for me to get an A.  On exams I would talk about something or another but then the professor always had something more profound (read: confusing) to say about it, meaning I could never achieve anything better than a B.

Here’s something we discussed in one of my intro classes: Is anything actually ever touching anything?  If an object is one inch from the wall, it can go half way.  Half an inch, quarter of an inch, eighth of an inch, sixteenth of an inch and so on and so forth.  It can keep getting smaller but if you try to figure it out that way, it will never touch!

But here’s what I thought about last night when I couldn’t fall asleep until 5 am.  What about the size of an atom?  If your halfway distance equals the size of an atom, you must be touching.  Right?

These aren’t productive thoughts.  Biology would have been more productive…

It's hurting my brain! Don't laugh at the dumb scenarios - this situation is one we actually discussed in class. Image from google somewhere.


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