Is this thing accurate?

14 Jul

Remember last week when I said I felt guilty because I was a lazy piece of junk who hadn’t worked out in a week?  Well, I got off my butt five minutes after I wrote that and did a work out.  But I didn’t do anything since then until today.  I know, I’m terrible and I’m trying to fix it.  I’m starting to realize that if I don’t work out every single day I’m not going to do it all.

Anyway, a few days ago I got myself a Heart Rate Monitor from Wal-Mart (and five lb weights, finally.)  I hate that store so much, but when you need something inexpensively, that’s where you have to go sometimes.

When I was entering my workouts in The Daily Plate when I was doing the Shred the first time around, I counted it as “Circuit training” and estimated about 200 calories burned per workout.  From what I read on the Internet, that seemed about right for the Shred.

Today I strapped on my calibrated watch for the first time and did level one of the Shred to get back into the swing of things.  It kicked my butt a little but, but my heart rate monitor said…

377 calories burned?!

Now I’m no expert, but that can’t be right… 377 calories for a 27 minute workout on a DVD?

Now I’m wondering if I wasted my money on this watch.  What good is it going to do me when I feel like I should be subtracting 100 to 200 calories from the reading?  Why bother at that point?  I’m just not sure.

I Googled reviews of the product.  I found ones from people saying it was amazing (mostly because it was cheap) and I found ones saying it was terrible because it didn’t count calories right.  There was no middle ground.

Regardless, I’ll be doing the Shred again tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to joining a gym in Buffalo after we move in a couple weeks.  I’m thinking if I’m spending the money on it that will force me to actually use it.  Here’s hoping.


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