Too Many Cats!

12 Jul

Or at least too many cat related issues in a twelve-hour period.  It started last night when I learned there was a stray kitten on a stairway in our apartment complex.   Someone had left food and water out for her, but I had to go see for myself.  So I took a small can of cat food and some cold Brita water to her.  She was sitting halfway up on the staircase.

picture by Chris Bierman

The woman in the apartment next to the stairs and had left food and water out – but it was dog kibble and much to big for little kitteh to munch on.  She happily started scarfing down the food I brought her.  The woman had also left out a saucer of milk.  For one thing, cats are lactose intolerant and shouldn’t ever have human milk.  Second, it was 90 degrees outside – that milk would have been toxic to anyone!

While I watched the kitten scarf down her chicken and sniff at her water, Chris called some shelters and emergency vets to see if anyone could take her in that night.  No one would take and none of Chris’s friends here wanted to take her for the night either.  One of the vets suggested sealing her in a cardboard box with air holes over night.  Outside.  Um, no.  I was not going to leave a little kitten outside in a box in this heat.  Yesterday was the second hottest day this year according to the TV weatherman.

But we didn’t want Mittens near this kitten in case it was harboring some sort of virus.  In the end, we put the kitten in the shower with a box, food, and water.  I assumed she would use the box to go to the bathroom if she had to.  I was wrong.

We got up this morning to take the little girl to the shelter and found an epic mess in the tub.  I won’t go into graphic detail, but she had walked through her excrement and it was coating the entire tub… but the box had been untouched, nothing on it.  Go figure.

On the way home we stopped at Target to get some cleaning stuff.  I don’t normally like to use bleach to clean, I prefer something natural, but desperate times call for really strong cleaners.  For the first time I was going to clean something in a way that required rubber gloves.

We ran the shower while we ate some breakfast.  While we were eating I noticed Mittens in her box, straining.  The result was bloody mucus.  Oy vey!  So Chris called the vet and took her over there right away.  Meanwhile, I was left to clean the tub.

The hot water was a good start, most of the mess had gone down the drain.  I put on the gloves, scooped up the excess.  Then I bleached and rinsed the tub twice.  I went over it a third time with some eco-friendly wipes I usually use.  It was squeaky clean when I had finished an hour later.

Only two minutes after I finally finished cleaning the bathroom, Chris came home with Mittens.  She’s got some meds to take for a week and the vet said a little mucous/blood isn’t dangerous in kittens as it is in humans.  Humans think immediately, “Colon cancer!” if they have this problem, but for kittens it can happen and not be serious.  The vet said not to worry, but if her stomach upset that she’s had for a few days prior doesn’t clear up in a week, we have to put her on a hypoallergenic diet until she’s an adult.  Then we can experiment with what foods work best with her.

I was thrilled to hear the vet said Wellness is one of the best foods we can feed her.  So many vets are uneducated about pet nutrition.  They think Science Diet is a good food, ha!

In the meantime, I am praying that the little girl we surrendered this morning will find a good home.  It’s “kitten season” and lots of little kittens need homes.  I would encourage anyone who is looking to get a pet to go to a shelter and never use a breeder.  We got there only an hour after they opened and they already received four kittens and two puppies in that first hour.  As we left I saw three more people with dogs head in.


One Response to “Too Many Cats!”

  1. Alise July 12, 2010 at 5:31 pm #

    ohh so sad. We’ll be looking into getting a dog in the fall/winter, and we’re definitely going to rescue a pet!

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