Final Monday Yoga Update

28 Jun

So I’m not going to update you on the Yoga Meltdown every week like I did with the Shred because I don’t think there would be too much to say.  But I will give you my review of Level 1, which is the only level I have tried thus far.

It’s different.  It’s certainly not your traditional yoga, which I’ve never tried but always supposed to be relaxing.  Jillian’s yoga is not very relaxing; instead, it’s more of a cardio yoga.  You’re constantly shifting positions, going faster as the thirty minute workout progresses, and her voice is in the background explaining the moves and encouraging you on.  See?  Not conducive to any kind of relaxing self-improvement.

Being that I’m new to exercise in general and have never touched anything like yoga, I found some of the moves difficult.  Jillian’s theory here is that by using your own body weight you can increase your strength even better than if you used weights and the DVD box claims you’ll lose five pounds a week doing it.  Well, I’m pretty sure the average person doesn’t lose five pounds a week doing it.  It had me sweating, but my heart rate didn’t increase nearly as much as it did during the Shred.  I find that I only burn about 150-200 calories per workout.  An extra 150 calories burned per day isn’t going to help anyone lose five pounds in one week.

But I do feel it working my muscles and it’s something fun to try.  I have been really slacking in my exercise this week due to some physical health issue, but I’m hoping that within the next few days I can get back in the swing of things.  I find the Yoga Meltdown works best for me, personally, when I do it after a ten minute break following my daily dose of the Shred.  Combined with the Shred it helps me feel like I’m actually accomplishing something with my body, but I still feel like I’m not doing enough.

Anyway, I have read on the interwebs that Level 2 is much harder than Level 1.  I can’t say when I’ll try it, but I’ll update you when I do.


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