Actors in Strange Places

24 Jun

Sometimes around lunchtime I turn the TV on for some Headline News and the channel that was on the night before was NBC, so briefly I end up seeing a bit of Days of our Lives (or DOOL as the hardcore viewers call it, which sounds a lot like drool, which I think is what the vast majority of DOOL’s viewers are doing while watching.)

Anyway, sometimes during the brief two minutes it’s on, I recognize people who you wouldn’t ordinarily expect to see.  For instance, about a year after Passions went off the air, the only soap that I ever religiously followed myself, I found that most of the characters had been transplanted into DOOL.  I wondered briefly if there was some sort of cross over plot line.  Did they all move from Harmony?  Are they even related to each other in DOOL like they were in Passions?  I don’t have the patience to find out the answers.

But today I found out that Mr. Sheffield is now on DOOL.  That was trippy for me.  I love reruns of the Nanny and I thought he’d fallen off the radar.  So I look him up on, the Internet mecca for when you need to know anything about anyone who has ever been on TV or in a movie, and I found out that he’s done a ton of stuff since the Nanny, including Hannah Montana.  So how about that.


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