20 Jun

What is there to say about Dads?  My Dad in particular is pretty awesome.  When I was little he would fix my bike for me, kill bugs, change lightbulbs and he was always there with an unsolicited science lesson.  Oh the science lessons!  The bane of my childhood, but now I look back on those times fondly.

Look at the look on my Father's Face - I've never seen him look so proud. (Photo by Dana Marie Photography)

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

PS:  Creepily, they say you marry your father.  Well, my husband kills bugs, changes lightbulbs, and even has lots of unsolicited science lessons for me, though they’re usually medically based, not mechanical in nature like my father’s are.


One Response to “Dads”

  1. Alise June 21, 2010 at 8:12 am #

    I totally know what you mean about marrying your father.

    My father swam, lifeguarded, hiked, did triathlons, was a math geek…

    My husband also swam, lifeguarded, hiked, does triathlons, and has his degree in math.


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