Stuff I Love: Twilight Woods

17 Jun

Oh no!  I haven’t updated since Monday!?  Things have been hella-hectic around here this week for some reason, so I apologize for the lack of updating.

Anyway, I’m here to shove a product in your face. (Note: the “Stuff I Love” posts are not sponsored; unfortunately, no one is paying me to be this obnoxious.)

Some people seem to think this was released as Twilight Woods because of the crazy popular tween books/movies in the Twilight series.  I think it’s a coincidence, but one that I’m sure Bath & Body Works has cashed in on.  I hope they continue to cash in on it; that way they won’t discontinue my new favorite scent like they did with Brown Sugar Fig.

So I’m pimping the Twilight Woods shower gel.  It forms a really rich lather on my loofah, cleans really well, and rinses squeaky clean.  There’s no left over, slimy residue which some body washes/creams can leave behind.  The shower gel will leave your skin lightly scented and if I’m going out, I’ll spray on some body mist in the same scent.  I skip their lotion because it irritates my eczema.

The scent of Twilight Woods in particular really draws me in.  It smells like fall, which is my all time favorite season.  I love the cooler sweater weather, the changing of the leaves, the smell of the air, the fall holidays, and of course my birthday falls in October.  Using this scent leaves me feeling nostalgic and happy.  I particularly love this scent if it’s raining when I use it.  If it’s sunny out I’m more apt to use something fruity (I have three different B&BW scents in my shower right now!) but I always come back to a hearty fall scent.

I even love the shape of the bottle.  It looks like the woman I aspire to me – smooth with an hourglass shape.

The Twilight Woods shower gel costs $10.50, is ten ounces, and usually lasts me a month.  It would probably last me longer if I didn’t lather up twice sometimes because I love smelling it.

I don’t know what more I can say about it, except that it’s awesome and since Bath & Body Works is having a semi-annual sale right now, you can probably pick some up inexpensively.


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