Things That Disgust Me

10 Jun

Today in “Things That Disgust Me” we will discuss three instances of bad parenting.  You can yell me at me all you want, say “You’re not a parent, how would you know!”  You’re right, I’m not a parent, nor will I be any time soon, but sometimes bad parenting is so obvious, you just want to give the parents a good smacking and then call Child Protective Services.

1)  This has been all over the news recently; a toddler boy in Indonesia who smokes forty (40!) cigarettes a day.  That’s disgusting even for an adult and this child is only two years old.  I can’t even figure out how a child that young could even figure out how to smoke.  It’s disgusting that his parents are enabling him and the only reason they want him to quit is not because of his health, but because it’s expensive for them!  The mother seems frustrated and is lazy.  She gives him the cigarettes to stop his tantrums.  Anyone who has ever watched Supernanny knows that’s lazy parenting.  This child will be dead by 20 if he keeps up at this rate.  He will undoubtedly develop asthma and cancer.  I don’t blame him at all, he’s only twenty-four months old, but I completely blame his terrible, lazy, disgusting and selfish mother.  (There aren’t enough adjectives for how nasty she is.)  She needs to have her child(ren) taken away from her.

2)  Then today I found out about this: A three year old girl in China who, after surviving an obviously traumatic car accident, has taken to smoking cigarettes and drinking beer.  She started out by stealing her father’s cigarettes and the article isn’t clear on where she got the beer.  Her parents should have taken those things away from her.  The article suggests that after the accident her mentality shifted to that of an adult and that might be why she’s into these substances, but there are several adults who survive quite healthily without cigarettes or beer so this is not an excuse.  Her parents need to step up and stop letting their daughter hurt herself.  This whole situation is foul.

3)  Closer to home, we have a family in our apartment complex who allows their children to play with guns.  They look like this…

via Google Images

and this…

also via Google Images

… and it disgusts and worries me.  No matter what side of the aisle you sit or what your position on gun control is, children should never be allowed to play with toy guns, especially ones that look as realistic as these.  Children should be raised to respect guns; they need to be taught that they are not toys because of their power.  If children are allowed to play with such realistic looking guns and come across a real one, they might not know it’s not a toy.  That’s how young children die at the hands of their friends.

So these children run around for hours with these guns, having fake battles.  At first glance, you can’t even tell they’re toy guns aside from small orange tips on them that are not that noticeable.  My husband told me when he first saw one of the boys (ages estimated between six and ten) he thought it was a real gun.  If there had been someone around legally carrying a concealed weapon, they might feel compelled to draw it on the child in self-defense.  (Don’t say, “But it’s only a child, you wouldn’t draw a gun on a child!”  It doesn’t matter who is holding it, a gun carries the same threat when pointed at you.)  If a law enforcement agent had been around they might try to forcibly disarm the child.  Either way, the child could end up with serious injuries.

What bothers me the most, is that as we were pulling out of our parking space, they had their guns aimed at our car and were pretending to shoot us to smithereens.  If they had found a real gun to play with, we would have been dead… if it even got that far.  It would be more likely they would “accidentally” shot each other before they got to us.  This kind of play only supports violence.

Chris said he doesn’t like to get involved with other people’s parenting, but he was very tempted to go upstairs and give their mother a piece of his mind.  He didn’t and we haven’t seen the guns since that weekend, thank goodness.  If I see them again playing in the courtyard with their guns, I would be very tempted to say, “Guns are not toys.  Find something else to play with.”


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