MTV Movie Awards

6 Jun

8:02pm – The girls from the Jersey Shore arrive.  I know it’s MTV, but they have nothing to do with movies.  And Snookie altering a D&G dress is practically sacrilegious.  RE: The music video.  They didn’t try to sneak into his video.  There were commercials on the local radio looking for extras advertising they would be there; this was planned.

8:09 – Snookie is joined by Paris Hilton.  My IQ just dropped twenty points.

8:15 – The Last Airbender clip – Ultimately not my cup of tea, but it looks like it has a lot of good special effects.

8:20 – Katy Perry’s California Girls – definitely a summer song, a very bright music video.  They showed maybe a fifteen second clip, which I think is the longest MTV has showed a music video in a while…

8:21 – Pretty Little Liars: I’ve been seeing the ads for a couple weeks on ABC Family; looks like it could be a good show.

8:27 – Next big arrival?  Boys from Jersey Shore.  Augh.  They might be there with the likes of Christina Aguilera and Jessica Biel, but they’re not the same.  No one will know who these boys are next year.

8:33 – Michael Cera being awkward; movie clip of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – I haven’t heard of this movie until now and I don’t quite get what’s going on.  Looks like it could be good.

8:35 – Giving away the award for Best Fight already?  It goes to Beyonce and Ali Larter from Obsessed.

8:36 – Some kid from Twilight with some product placement for a Nikon camera.  Do the kids watching even notice the product placement?

8:39 – all voting is long closed, but you can still vote for Best Movie by clicking here.

8:41 – Warren the Ape, hehehe.

8:46 – Ten whole minutes of Jersey Shore right now?? Bathroom break!!!

8:50 – Yes, Snookie, Obama put a tax on tanning just because of you.  Self-centered much?

9:00 – Hey the show is starting!  Betty White is there!  I love Betty White.

Opening sketch – RPatz and Taylor Lautner!  Spoofing a cop movie!  I can’t believe Will Smith’s kid is breaking into the movie business.  Not a bad opening sketch, seen better and worse in my day.

Another opening sketch – Aziz looks familiar, but I don’t know what I’ve seen him in.  Justin Bieber runs a hairdryer… I don’t get it.

9:07 – Aziz on stage; I hate 3-D movies because they give me headaches and everything is coming out in 3-D now.  I hope it doesn’t get to the point where I can’t go to the movies because it’s all 3-D.  Anyway, he’s talking about some movies and stuff, his jokes aren’t making me laugh.  He’s right though, New Moon didn’t end in much of a cliffhanger.

9:13 – Best Female Performance goes to (predicted Kristin Stewart): Kristin Stewart.  This is only because teenage girls consist of 89% of the vote.  All those other actresses actually act better, though I did vote her because I am a bit of a Twilight freak.  Time for an awkward speech.

9:21 – why is Russell Brand famous?  Anyway, Best Breakout Star goes to (predicted Anna Kendrick): Anna Kendrick.  Again, won because of her work in Twilight, but I think she’s actually becoming a great actress.  I haven’t seen Up In The Air yet, but I have the DVD to watch tomorrow.

9:26 – Ed Helms at the piano!  YES!!

9:29 – Tom Cruise dancing with Beyonce; hilarious.  Katie in the audience looking fake happy for her husband.

9:35 – Never heard of Dinner With Schmucks, either.  But it has Steve Carrell so I’ll be there!  They’re presenting the away for Best Scared As Shit Performance (predict: Amanda Seyfried).  Award goes to: Amanda Seyfried.  Wow, I’m 3 for 3.   That was a bit of wild guess because I hate horror movies.

9:37 – Harry Potter clips!  Does anyone care about Harry Potter anymore?  I mean, you have to see the movies because you’ve invested energy and money into the franchise thus far, but are there any real Potter-heads still out there?

9:44 – Best Kiss time (predicted Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart).  The Kiss Cam is great!  The winners are… Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart (yeah I had that typed out before they even announced it.)  They’re gonna give it a shot?  Did they actually kiss?!?  I can’t tell!  I’ll figure it out tomorrow when the clip hits the Internet.

9:56 – Stunt Kidz?  Would it be redundant if I said, “I don’t get it?”  Maybe I’m getting too old for this.

9:59 – I LOVE BETTY WHITE!!  Sandra Bullock is getting the Generation Award with a lovely montage… but I think Betty White deserves an award.  Sandra looks beautiful tonight and it’s obvious everyone loves her.

10:09 – ScarJo and Sandra share a gentle kiss.  Haha.

10:10 – Best WTF Moment (predicted Betty White) goes to: Ken Jeong from the Hangover.  Awh, I missed one!  But that was a moment that definitely made me say, “WTF.”

10:14 – Hey, the host is back.  We haven’t seen him for an hour.  Time for another weird performance piece.

10: 16 – The award for Best Villain (predicted Ken Jeong) goes to: Tom Felton.  Harry Potter finally gets an award!  He kind of grew up awkward.

10:25 – Shaun White is still unattractive a la Carrot Top.  Award for Biggest Badass Star (predicted Angelina Jolie) goes to: Rain.  Iiiii don’t even know who that is.  But congrats to him.

10:28 – the moment all us Twi-hards have been waiting for!  New clips from Eclipse!  How angsty!  I love it!

10:35 – Best Male Performance was hard to predict.  Either Robert or Taylor.  I predicted Robert after much debating.  The winner is… Robert Pattinson.  He also won the Global Superstar award.

10:38 – Christina Aguilera performs.  She’s really evolved since her Genie in a Bottle Days.

10:48 – Another sketch.  Another bored.

10:50 – Zac Efron still looks like he doesn’t shower.  He’s presenting the award for Best Comedic Performance.  I predict Zach Galifianakis.  And the winner is Zach Galifianakis.

10:57 – Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise to present the final award: Best Movie.  I like all the nominees (except I haven’t seen Avatar) but, OK, c’mon we all know my prediction is New Moon.  And the big winner is… NEW MOON!  Shocking.

So out of 10 categories I predicted 8 correctly and once again Twilight swept the awards.  I except the same thing to happen next year for Eclipse.  It doesn’t even matter that I haven’t seen it yet and that I don’t know what the other movies are it would be going against.  It simply doesn’t matter when you’ve got that big of a screaming, salivating fan base ready to sit at their computers for hours on end voting for anything Twilight related.


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