Thank You For Being A Friend

3 Jun

Oh no!  Rue McClanahan has passed away.  For those of you who live under a rock, she played Blanche on one of the greatest TV sitcoms – The Golden Girls.  The show showed America that the elderly aren’t just drooling invalids with walkers.  They can be sexy and, though vain, good-hearted like Blanche, charming and humorous like Rose, intelligent and knowledgeable like Dorothy, and adorable and feisty like Sophia.

The show took place in Miami, which is where I am now.  I told Chris when we got here I wanted to drive by the Golden Girl’s house.  The problem is, the house is not located in Miami.  It’s in Los Angeles.

Anyway, it’s one of my favorite TV shows and if I come across a rerun on TV Land, I’m surely going to stop and watch it.  The predicaments they got into always lead to humorous situations.  Sometimes they would dwell on the losses of their husbands, family and other friends, but at the end of the episode they would always be sitting around the kitchen table, eating a cheesecake, and realizing yet again that they were their own family and were blessed to have each other.  If only we could all have true friends like that.

Here’s what I discovered when reading about Rue’s passing:  In 2008 Estelle Getty (Sophia) passed away.  In 2009 Bea Arthur (Dorothy) died.  Now Rue McClanahan has passed in 2010.


Betty White has a huge following now – and a well-deserved one considering how amazing she is.  Her episode of Saturday Night Live was one of the best I’ve ever seen.  But if this pattern keeps going… well, Betty, I hope you take good care of yourself this year!

In the meantime, Rue, may you rest in peace.  You were a well-loved woman.


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