Another Menu

2 Jun

Being that I have nothing interesting to talk about, I might as well post this week’s menu.  Trying to eat a little better because the Shred alone is not helping me lose the lbs.  Thursday through Sunday is low cal stuff.  Ravioli is tonight because I’ve been craving it.  Monday to Wednesday, not so good.  I’ll cut my portion and supplement with a side salad.

Wednesday: Ravioli

Thursday: Chef Salad

Friday: Turkey Cranwiches

Saturday: Minestrone Soup

Sunday: California BLT Salad

Monday: Potato Chip Chicken

Tuesday: Some crap from a box

Wednesday: Homemade Mac & Cheese (because we didn’t get to it this past week).

Whelp, after writing out the grocery list, it looks like we’ll be spending more than $47 on groceries, which was our total last week.  Spending more in part because I also need razor blades and those aren’t cheap.  But I have a coupon!  I have coupons!

Oh, sorry for the lame post.


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