Monday Shred Update

31 May

Whew, I just finished day 13 of the Shred and soon I will be halfway done with it!  I started level two this past week, which is different from level one.  The moves are a lot more awkward to master and there are a lot of plank positions, which means you’re holding yourself up in a sort of push-up position and doing stuff with your legs.  I have vertigo or something and the head rush all those planks cause gives me a terrible headache and makes me feel dizzy.  But I do it anyway!

The good: My muscles feel more toned, my husband agrees they feel more toned, and I feel pretty good as a whole.

The bad:  I haven’t lost any lbs yet.  This is frustrating to me.  Chris says it’s probably because I’ve been making muscle and that’s heavier than fat blah blah blah… I don’t know.  I want to see that scale number go down!  I’m two pounds away from my BMI being 30, which is very frightening to me.  I don’t think I look obese and I certainly don’t feel obese, but I don’t want to cross into that territory.

The ugly:  I don’t really look any different.  I think my legs look a little better, but I still don’t feel comfortable venturing out in public in a tank top because my arms look the same, even though those are the muscle groups I feel are being worked the most.

The obnoxious: Jillian Michaels.  I didn’t like her to begin with but I had heard good things about the program.  I hate the condescending way she treats her assistants, especially when she calls them “Buddy.”  I hate that she does less than half the work out and I especially hate when she says “just a couple more,” which means two, but then there’s actually ten more.  Thankfully, that doesn’t happen in level 2.

But.  The commercials for her new show, which I think starts tomorrow, look really intriguing and I know I’m going to watch it.  I’m hoping to see a more human side of her.

So that’s that.  Another week of the shred down, another week and a half to go.  Then I need to find  something new to try… maybe yoga?


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