This Week’s Menu

25 May

Since we got to Miami we’ve been eating out way  too much.  On the one hand, who can blame us with all these great new restaurants to try.  On the other hand, it’s bad for our wallets and waistlines.  So back to menu planning I go.  I made the menu and shopping list out last night and when we’d finished our grocery shopping for the week it cost under $50!  See what I meant about menu planning being good for your wallet?

Tuesday – Cheese soup by request of the husband.  He loves this stuff.  After I hit the shower (just finished today’s Shred) I’m going to make a homemade loaf of bread to go with it.

Wednesday – Cobb Salad.  I had the best salad of my life in Disney over the weekend.  Chris tried some and agreed, then requested that I make us some Cobb Salad sometime.  Okie dokie!

Thursday – burgers.  Nom.

Friday – Mac & Cheese, another request by Chris.  He really likes cheese.

Saturday – Chicken.  Of some sort.  Haven’t gotten that far yet.  Maybe this kind.

Sunday – Tuna Mac Salad.  A new recipe I found that looks a lot better than your standard tuna salad.  This has a lot more in it than just tuna, mac, and mayo.


2 Responses to “This Week’s Menu”

  1. Salt May 26, 2010 at 1:35 pm #

    Wow cheese soup and homemade bread? I need a lesson on how to make that!

    I really need a bread maker.

  2. rosswife May 26, 2010 at 1:37 pm #

    You don’t need a bread maker!

    Simplest recipe ever and it even tastes like real bread.

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