I’m famous! (In my head).

11 May

1)  Being that I am RossWife, I should give you a little update on Ross life.  We went to pick up our barrels today.  It’s a forty minute drive in morning traffic.  We got there and found out Ross never paid for the barrels, but they shipped any way and they won’t give them to us.  They wouldn’t let us pay again because they knew Ross won’t reimburse us.  What a pain.  And now we have to make that drive again when the money gets straightened out.

1b)  Also Ross took forever getting us the schedules for the semester and even now they have only given us one weeks worth.  It was enough to show us we have to cancel our weekend to Disney, which was planned for the 22nd.  That makes me one very sad Panda.

2)  So we went to the outlet mall (bor-ing!) and another Brazilian Steakhouse for lunch.  This one, Texas de Brazil, was much better than Brazaviva.  The meat was delicious, the salad bar was amazing, and the staff was pleasant.

The Famous Part: 3)  We stopped in Borders and I flipped through the Summer issue of The Knot Magazine.  They used a quote from me in the honeymoon section!  It’s the biggest font sized quote right in the middle of the page.  So there you have it, I’m famous.  Or at least my Knot username is.  I had to buy it because I was so proud of myself.


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    […] a ton of bricks.  Monday afternoon when Chris was done with his mid-term a bunch of us went to Texas de Brazil for lunch.  I opted out of the meat and stuck with the salad bar in my continuing quest to cut […]

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